Pandit Rakesh Kumar Shastri Ji is a big name in the field of astrology who commands wide respect and is know all over the world for his in-depth knowledge and precise predictions. Today he is a name to reckon with in his field. 

About Us

Pandit Rakesh Shastri Ji is dedicated to spread the Spiritual Astrology all over the world. Each and everyone should have all the benefits of Spiritual Astrology and Vastu to get rid of all troubles and to live a joyful life. Pandit ji is putting all the efforts to spread this true Knowledge through best media ,News papers,events etc. Pandit Rakesh Shastri Ji is blessed by the Almighty (GOD) to have the capabilities to treat the people in such a way that they really overcome all of their problems in a magical way.

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Our Vision

” A RIGHT DIRECTION FOR AN ACTION” is the vision of Pandit Rakesh Shastri Ji. Our Main aim is to restore ancient sciences which have been lost in the original Astrology,

Our Mission

Pandit Ji's aim is to apply the principles of this ancient art and science and help people all over the world, understand themselves better, and to help them “Take Charge of their Destiny”

Core Values

Tarot, Numerology and other such advanced astrology services for our members will be introduced in the near future.

Book a consultation with us and your life will change! Change is about to come, are you ready for it?